Permit Eligibility

Below is a step by step guide to the Eligibility tab for permit stipend applications. If you are unsure which permit you are eligible for, please see the Eligibility Questions section of the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Note: Not all of the questions below will appear on the Eligibility tab, as they are affected by prior answers.

  • Do you live in California? Answer YES or NO.
  • Do you work in the ECE field in California? If you are CURRENTLY working with children aged birth to five, in a structured environment (child care center, home care, etc.) answer Yes. If you are providing informal care as a nanny or family/friend, answer No.
  • Do you own a family child care center located in California? Answer Yes if you are the OWNER of a licensed Family Child Care Center. Otherwise, select No.
  • Select the type of permit. 
    • First Permit is for applicants that have NEVER held a permit before. If you have an expired permit, are upgrading to a higher level, or have an active permit, you will select another option.
    • Upgrade is for applicants that are moving to a higher level permit. Applicants with an expired permit that are requesting a higher level are upgrades.
    • Renewal is for applicants who are renewing a permit they already hold, whether active or expired.
      • Selecting renewal results in a drop down asking if the applicant is having CDTC pay the fee to the Commission directly, or if the applicant has already renewed online at and is requesting a reimbursement for the fees. For more information on these option, see the Permit FAQs page.
    • Extension and Downgrade are not eligible for the CDTC permit stipend. Selecting this will result in a notice of ineligibility - these permits must be sent directly to the Commission by the applicant, along with any required fees.
  • What permit are you applying for? Select the permit you are seeking - not the permit you currently hold. If you are unsure what permit you qualify for, see the permit matrix for eligibility requirements.
  • Are you requesting School Age emphasis? School age emphasis is an ADD ON to the permit and requires school age coursework (not just early childhood) to be completed. This option allows up to half of the ECE unit qualification for a child development permit to be in school age coursework. See this page on the Commission for Teacher Credentialing website for more information. If you are unsure if you qualify, it is generally best to select NO.
  • Are you currently attending college? Select Yes or No based on whether you are currently enrolled.
    • If Yes, select if you are attending a California community college or UC, or select other if you are not enrolled in either of these.
  • Enter applicant email. This is the email address that will be used to communicate regarding your permit status and any questions that may arise. PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER THIS CORRECTLY.
  • Would you like all correspondence associate with this account to be done in Spanish? Select Yes if you prefer email updates in Spanish.